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About KTCU


The Korean Teachers' Credit Union (KTCU) is a welfare agency for educational personnel that is guaranteed by the government, and it was established by the Special Act (Law No. 2296) for all educational personnel to enjoy rewarding experiences and prosperity during their working years as well as after retirement.


It was established on March 16th, 1971, after passing through parliamentary procedures on December 24th, 1970, and after Law No. 2296 was enacted on January 22nd, 1971. Moreover, with the proclamation of The Korean Teachers' Credit Union Act as Law No. 7070 on January 20th, 2004, focusing on the change of name, the name changed to “The Korean Teachers' Credit Union."

With 670,000 members and assets of KRW 22 trillion, KTCU is growing into a leading company in Korea that prevents the outflow of national wealth and revives our economy through securities investment to secure high profits, SCO business that contributes to national development, and other investments aimed at development such as corporate M & A.

Moreover, with ‘The-K Non-Life Insurance’ that changed its name to become a comprehensive property insurance company and Korea's biggest mutual aid company ‘The-K Life Yedaham,’ KTCU guarantees a more secure and stable life for educational personnel.

Basic Businesses

To prepare for unexpected events while members are in service and to provide stability for their life in the later years according to the legislation and regulations of the articles of association, KTCU develops the following businesses.

  • First-Saving Business for Members 
  • Second-Loan Business for Members
  • Third-Welfare Services for Members
  • Fourth-Fund-Raising Business
  • Fifth-Profitable Business to achieve the goals