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Chairman's Message

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chairman-Moon yeong rin 


The Korean Teachers' Credit Union


Welcome to The Korean Teachers' Credit Union (KTCU)

Thank you for visiting the website of KTCU, Korea's only welfare agency for educational personnel that promises a happy future for all education staff in Korea.

Established in 1971 to enhance the security and promote the welfare of educational personnel nationwide, KTCU has been through continuous development and grown into one of Korea's leading companies with 750,000 members and assets of KRW 29 trillion.

We have made the utmost efforts to maximize profits by stably managing the precious assets of the educational personnel nationwide, and opened various investment channels to return more benefits and profits to our members such as securities investment, social overhead capital (SOC), and foreign investments. We have also actively entered the field of the environmentally-friendly green energy business and secured our position as Korea's leading company that contributes to the development of future businesses and partakes in social contribution activities.

KTCU operates various mutual aid systems that secure high pay rates based on its solid earnings foundation and the trust it has gained as a public utility company, and also offers a 'lifetime welfare' program suitable for the life cycle of all educational personnel to help them enjoy more a more secure and stable life.

Based on a clear vision and sound business strategies for the future that are grounded on firm ethical and transparent management principles, we will continue to expand on other profitable programs, doing our best to offer the greater satisfaction to our members.