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KTCU is doing its best to pursue more efficient business management policies and maximize profits for the members through the Steering Committee as well as the top legislative organization, the Board of Representatives.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch manages and operates the tasks of KTCU, and it consists of 1 chairman, 1 standing auditor, and 3 directors. The headquarters consist of 2 offices, 10 departments and 34 teams, and the branches include 6 regional headquarters and 18 city and provincial branches. The term of executives is 3 years.


Board of Representatives

Steering Committee


    • Standing auditor
      • Office of Inspec-tion
        • Inspection Team
      • Strategy Planning Team
      • External Cooper-ation Team
      • Risk Manage-ment Team
    • Office of Coporate Strategy
      • Depart-ment of Public Relations
        • PR Planning Team
        • MediaOperationTeam
    • Director(Business for Members)

      • Regional Headquar-ters
        • City and Provincial Branches
      • Depart-ment of Member-ship Service
        • Member-ship Business Team
        • Savings Manage-ment Team
        • Receipt Manage-ment Team
      • Depart-ment of Member-ship Welfare
        • Lifestyle and Welfare Team
        • Culture and Welfare Team
        • Customer Support Center
      • Depart-ment of Insurance Service
        • Insurance Planning Team
        • Member-ship Mainten-ance Team
        • Payment and Compen-sation Team
        • Marketing Support Team
    • Director(Management Support)

      • Depart-ment Administ-rative Service
        • Manage-ment Support Team
        • Human Resources Develop-ment Team
        • Financial Manage-ment Team
      • Depart-ment of infroma-tion Technol-ogy
        • Office Informati-zation Team
        • System Informati-zation Team
      • Depart-ment of Property Manage-ment
        • Subsidiary Support Team
        • Office Manage-ment Team
    • Director(General Fund Operation)

      • Depart-ment of Financial Invest-ment
        • Investment Strategy Team
        • Stock Investment Team
        • Consign-ment Manage-ment Team
        • Overseas Finance Team
      • Depart-ment of Alternative Invest-ment
        • Infrastruc-ture Investme-nt Team
        • Real Estate Investment Team
        • Overseas Alternative Invest-ment Team
      • Depart-ment of Global Invest-ment
        • Grobal Equity and Fixed Income Investment Team
        • Global Real Aseets Investment Team
        • Global Alternative Investment Team