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Mutual Aid System

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KTCU offers various financial services including savings, loans and insurance so that its members can manage stable life now and after the retirement.


We operate high return savings plan for the stable life of the education family

  • Long-term Savings Benefit

    The longest term and highest interest saving plan in Korea

    The Long-term Savings Benefit is designed in combination of high annuity rate and longest term so that the members can enjoy comfortable life in their later years after retirement. Those who join the Long-term Savings Benefits automatically acquires the qualification as a member of KTCU and can enjoy various welfare benefits.

    And after their retirement, it gives the various way to the member to receive the money with the highest interest and low taxation all at once, or monthly or annually during the specific period.

    Long-term Savings Benefit
  • Installment Payment for Long-term Savings Benefit

    A plan for a member to manage stable life in his / her old age at the era of aging society with low interest rate by receiving certain money in installments from the retirement benefit of the Long-term Savings from the time of retirement for a designated period.

  • Lump Sum benefit

    A high return saving plan for current teachers and staff

    A saving plan to increase excess cash or deposits of the members with higher interest.

    Lump Sum benefit
  • Retirement Savings Benefit

    High return saving plan for the retired members

    A saving plan to provide stable income for their old age by entrusting the pension of the members upon their retirement or a severance payment of KTCU and operating them at higher interest.

  • Indexed Savings benefit

    Indexed Savings Benefit is a Savings system determining additional money (rate of return) according to price fluctuations of underlying assets (KOSPI 200) while securing the principal at maturity.

    The system does not provide interest as time passes like Lump Sum Benefit or Retirement Savings Benefit, but it is designed so that additional money (interest) given to your premium(principal) changes according to the KOSPI 200 index.

    The advantage is that you can secure the principal and even expect higher profits than bank interest rates offered in the current environment of low interest rates.


Insurance Product Characteristics

  • Stability and public confidence: Welfare agency for educational personnel established by the Special Act
  • Non-renewal: Same premium from when you joined (Special Assurance of Actual Medial Expense Ⅱ excluded)
  • Low premium: Settlement of risk rate and minimum working expenses
Insurance Product Characteristics
  • Optimum stability and public confidence

    KTCU is a welfare agency for educational personnel established by the Special Act (Law No. 2296) in March 16th, 1971, to promote the security and enhance the welfare of educational personnel nationwide, providing the reliability for you to join.

  • More benefits with a fixed product instead of renewal products

    Privately-managed insurance companies mostly offer renewal products that are to be renewed every 3 or 5 years and are full-term payment products that require payment of premium until maturity. The premium increases every point of renewal due to increase in age, fluctuations of medical fees, and fluctuations of ratio of risk. On the contrary, the KTCU insurance is a fixed product that offers indemnity until maturity if you pay equal premium for the fixed payment period. (Special Assurance of Actual Medial Expense Ⅱ excluded)

  • Maximum indemnity with minimum premium among domestic insurances

    Educational personnel have a considerably lower ratio of risk than other occupations. KTCU has developed and is operating Korea's first ratio of risk exclusively for educational personnel, imposing only the minimum working expenses and thereby offering low premium compared to privately-managed insurance companies. Provides wide insurance coverage based on top safety and reliability


Members can borrow money easily at low interest.

  • General Loan

    Members can borrow 60 million won above the total amount they can receive for retirement benefits at maturity of their Long-term Saving Benefit. They can also freely select the repayment period by maximum 10 years including 2 years of grace period.
    General Loan
  • Interest-free Loan

    Within the limit of the retirement benefits amount at maturity of their Long-term Saving Benefit, members can borrow interest-free loan for one or two years for the purpose of health and medical care (up to5 million won) or house disaster relief (up to 10 million won).