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Welfare Services for Members

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For the affluent and happy life of the members, KTCU provides diversified welfare services such as life · culture service, various benefits at the family events and use of allied leisure facilities at discounted fees.

Welfare Benefits

KTCU Provides welfare benefits or present at family events

Cooperation Service

Specialized additional services are provided for the member only.

In agreement with many corporations nationwide having various convenient facilities of rest, leisure, medical treatment or wedding, the members and their families can use such facility free of charge or at discounted prices.

The-K Happiness Service

Hosting of member inviting events on leisure, sports, culture and arts all through the year

The-K Happiness Service

In order to meet diversified demands of the members, the life, culture, welfare services includes various events in many area of leasure, sports, arts, literature and investment counseling so that they can feel pride as a member of KTCU and have an opportunity to fulfill their cultural desire.