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KTCU, which only had about 70,000 members and assets worth KRW 1.3 billion back when it was founded in 1971, has made rapid progress and grown into a national company with 670,000 members and assets of KRW 22 trillion as of September 2013. It will continue to develop into an excellent lifestyle and welfare company always in cooperation with the members by building a scientific and rational advanced management system of a suitable size.

Qualifications for membership

Qualifications for membership
Regular Members (Working Members) Special Members (Retired Members)
  • Educational personnel of national, public and private schools
  • General public officials working at educational institutes, education administration agencies, or education research institutes
  • Employees of national, public and private university hospitals (including interns and residents)
  • Teaching staff and clerical workers of lifelong education facilities according to the Lifelong Education Act
  • Employees of KTCU and affiliated business
  • Workers who do not have fixed employment terms and are directly employed by institutions through which they can join this union
  • Educational personnel who joined public officials pension or teachers pension
  • Regular members who retired due to age-limit, resigned voluntarily, retired due to illness, or after pletion of term of office.
  • Regular members who retired at the age of 50 or above
  • Regular members aged 50 or above who have been members for at least 10 years before retirement

Number of members

Number of members
Division End of 2016 End of 2015
Total 750,471 732,179
Regular Members 698,760 683,268
Special Members 51,711 48,911