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Reliable automobile insurance, The-K Non-Life Insurance Educar

Established by KTCU, The-K Non-Life Insurance 'Educar' is the only non-life insurance company in Korea for superior customers such as educational personnel, public officials, and professionals. With differentiated services, it is rewriting the history of automobile insurance with the top market share in the education world, top rate of re-insurance in the automobile insurance industry, and acquisition of Class Aa in the 'Direct Automobile Insurance Satisfaction' survey by the Korea Consumer Agency under the Fair Trade Commission (only 2 out of 10 non-life insurance companies acquired Class Aa).

We promise to become an excellent non-life insurance company for our members to rely on and be satisfied with, by providing the best services and various products such as automobile insurance, driver insurance, dental insurance, savings insurance, and title insurance.

The-K Non-Life Insurance 01

We will provide various products reflecting the needs of customers with low insurance premium and the best compensation services,

The-K Non-Life Insurance 01 automobile insurance
The-K Non-Life Insurance 02 One-Day automobile insurance
The-K Non-Life Insurance 03 driver insurance
The-K Non-Life Insurance 04 dental insurance
Establishment :
December 1, 2003
Major Business :
Developing and selling comprehensive non-life insurance products and services such as automobile insurance and driver insurance
Address :
(03137) 11F Korean Teachers' Credit Union Dongwon Assembly House, Changgyeonggung-ro 117, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Inui-dong 112-1)
Tel :
1566-3000, 1644-3000
Homepage :