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The-K Sophia Green

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Operation of Sophia Green CC

The-K Sophia Green Co., Ltd. operates the golf course built in Jeomdong-myeon, Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do by KTCU. 'Sophia Green CC' built to enhance the leisure and cultural life of our members, is a 27-hole public golf course with a wonderful natural environment. It consists of Sejong (9 holes) where the feeling of coercion from the rugged mountain terrain exceeds the psychological pressure of distance; Yeogang (9 holes) where you can hit shots all you want with the an unhampered fair view in the background; and Hwanghak (9 holes) that requires strategic play with many bunkers and hazards formed in harmony with the virgin forests. You can enjoy different challenges and playing styles in each of the three courses.

The-K Sophia Green

It will be a welfare utopia for our members as well as a long-term stable profit source of KTCU.

Establishment :
October 9, 2001
Grand Opening :
May 10, 2007
Major Business :
Operating and managing the golf course
Address :
(07352) Sophia Green-gil 84, Jeomdong-myeon, Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do (Hyeonsuri san 13)
Tel :
031) 887-8100
Homepage :